The Food Section Project Information

Sponsoring Teacher: Svetlana Kutcherova
Sponsor School: School #10
City: Almetyevsk city,Tatarstan
Country: Russia

Goal Of The Project:
For students to write about food and their favorite food.

Type Of Writing Requested: Personal, factual stories, posters,advertising about advantage of "Food"

Description Of What W Are Looking For:
We would like your students to write a completed, final, and edited story about one of the following topics.

1. Review and describe food in your area.
2.What do you use more often in food?
3.What is your favorite food?
4.Discussion: "Whether the food which is pleasant to us is useful?"
5. Design a digital poster "Healthy food in your local area".
6.Advertizing about advantage of "Food"
7.All that you think will be interesting to section "Food"

Detailed Instructions For Collecting Information:
Students may also create PowerPoints, videos, Web sites or other forms of media.

Please note that we are not interested in information copied from the Internet. We are looking for stories, reviews, and impressions created by the students. Students are welcome and encouraged to include photographs.

Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School: As many as you wish to create

Preferred Length Of Articles: Multiple paragraphs or at least one page

Deadline For Receiving Information (Circle deadline is April 20, 2012)