The Sports Section Project Information

Sponsoring Teacher: Tracy Sicafuse
Sponsor School: Westlake City Schools
City: Westlake, Ohio
Country: USA

Goal of this project:
For students to write about sports they play.

Type of writing: Personal, factual stories

Description of what we are looking for:
We would like your students to write a completed, final, and edited story about one of the following topics.

1. Write about a sport they have played.
2. Write about the top sports played in their community.
3. Create a graph from your class identifying their favorite sports.
4. Choose a sport that is popular in your country and write instructions for others to follow so that they can learn to play that game.
5. Name and research a famous athlete from your country. Tell us about this person, what are their accomplishments?

Questions: What is your favorite sport, why?
What are the most popular sports in your area?
Ask your friends about their favorite sports, create a graph to show the results.
After you pick a sport, write instructions that would tell others how to play that sport or game.
Who is a famous athlete in your country? What sport do they play? Why are they famous? What team do they play for?

Detailed instructions for collecting information:
Students can write several paragraphs or up to one page.
Students can create a power point or other visual production.
Students use a web cam to capture the action of the sport.

Ideal # of submissions from each school:
As many students as you would like can participate.

Deadline for receiving information: April 20, 2012