Technology Projects from Machulishchi School, Machulishchi, Minsk Region, Belarus
Hi, my name’s Liza. I use a lot of things of technical progress. I’ve got 2 TV, 2 computers, a washing-machine, a refrigerator and others. Of course technology has enormous influence on my life. Due to computer and internet I can store information, translate any word and communicate with my friends even with those who live in neighbor cities, I can find all necessary information. Due to TV I can watch interesting films, series, news and programs. In my refrigerator I can store my food. Due to my washing-machine my family and I have possibility to wear fresh clothes.
I would like to have black mp3 player. I will be able to listen to music going to school.
The world is always changing. I would like to improve my TV.I want sensory screen when I will touch the screen it will switch the channel.

Hello, my name’s Eva. I’m 9 years old and I’m from Machulishchi, Belarus. I want to have a beautiful robot-doll. It’s little and I can always take it with myself. But if I’m in danger my robot-doll becomes big and strong and can protect me. I think such doll would be very useful for little girls from all over the world.
Hello, my name’s Akim. There are many technologies in our modern world. I use the following: printer “Canon pixma ip 1600”, mobile telephone Nokia x3 -00, PC “Delux”, TV “Horizont”, telephone “Panasonic” and so on.
But we shouldn’t forget the fact that it’s very dangerous to play videogames and watch TV without rest. I play videogames and watch TV for 45 minutes a day and I’m always doing exercises for eyes.
There isn’t a person on the earth, who doesn’t want to improve their lives. I would like to have the following technologies: a PSP, a mobile telephone “Samsung 5570 galaxi mini”, a plasma-panel TV “LG” and iPad.
Everything is always improved, changed. I would like to improve my mobile telephone and PC, I want they emit minimum of radiation.

Hello, my name’s Katya. I’m 9 years old and I’m from Machulishchi, Belarus. I want to have a robot. It’s nice, kind and very clever. It helps me to do my homework. I think such robot would be useful for children, which parents are always bus.